“Townhall– Where your opinion counts!”

— audio blurb, radio advertisement on Salem-owned radio stations, often heard during the Hugh Hewitt Show

The blurb is a lie. Your opinion does not count. The blurb is the company’s way to encourage you to start your own weblogs hosted and staged and presented on the Townhall.com web space and venue. The fact is that Townhall.com has all of these articles, columns and blogs present to make cash. Townhall.com gets income through page views and I presume some ad-clicks for the advertisements, banner ads, on all the Townhall.com pages. The fact is that the professional Townhall bloggers get paid a cut from the ads. I know the columnists do. Of course, the “townhall” name is based in part because of the large membership blamming away their various opinions in the Comments after the articles, columns, and blog posts. That content generates traffic. Townhall doesn’t pay for the content yet they benefit from cash. The community members do not get compensation.

More importantly the majority of bloggers who write blogs on Townhall.com, hosted on the webspace and presented on the venue… create content for the company; that content is viewed and so income and is created/derived from the banner advertisements on those pages. Townhall.com benefits from the content created by these bloggers and they are never compensated a cut from the advertisements that are on the edges of the weblogs they write, and the traffic they generate.

Your opinion does not count where it ultimately counts for the Townhall.com company business model. The reason, in the end, is because these people are jerks.

That they are jerks is not the reason I discontinued my Townhall.com blog; that I wasn’t getting paid for generating content (or even getting significant attention) which they got monetary benefit from minute amounts of viewings was the reason. I get more control of everything here with blogger or the WordPress at blogivists. I write for free by choice. I do this for my benefit. That they benefited without my permission is reason enough to stop. Obviously I am not done with these people. Not by a long shot.