One of the books I just must have now is Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg. One of the programs I wish I could listen to more often is Glenn Beck’s radio program, and I wish I had the cable capability neccessary to watch his television show. With the two combined, the wonder writer Jonah Goldberg guesting on Glenn Beck’s programs, the wonderment and my torment is magnified. Yet thanks to the miracle of the internet we can view the stuff here. Of course I ripped the links from the CNN website. Unfortunately I doubt they will function for much longer. Fortunately I used Downloadhelper to rip the videos straight from CNN. I can keep them. Of course for a reason I will mention below I am missing Part 4. So are you.

Jonah Goldberg Series
Glenn and “Liberal Fascism” author Jonah Goldberg sit down and discuss the real meaning of the word “Fascist” and the role it plays in American Politics. Watch all 6 parts right now!

Part 1: Fascism & American Politics Video
Part 2: The “F” Word Video
Part 3: Fiscal Sensibility on the left Video
Part 4: Government Knows Best? Video
Part 5: The History of Fascism Video
Part 6: Final Thoughts Video

Notice in the end that Part 4 doesn’t exist and actually links to Part 3 so we are missing a whole segment of the interview. This is Glenn Beck’s fault, not mine.