One more Castro to go!

Fidel Castro has officially resigned, as he informed Parliament that he will refuse another term. That’s funny; I wasn’t aware that dictators that were in power for over 50 years served in terms. Maybe they are terms of a half a century. Fidel Castro’s brother Raul Castro is now officially in power.

Practically speaking though, Raul Castro has been in charge since 2006. Fidel Castro has, to my knowledge, only performed one long public speech since then. Now that Raul is officially El Presidente (I assume) I feel even freer to make my silly conspiracy theory-esque charge that I made in 2006. Raul Castro is Fidel Castro. Fidel had his brother’s brain removed and his own brain surgically implanted in Raul’s brother. That’s a vaguely stupid “they saved Hitler’s brain” notion but it’s even more credible now that Fidel Castro has ceased public appearances.

Raul Castro is not that young either. He pledges democratic reforms (as opposed to Fidel Castro’s Communist/Totalitarian tendencies). I have my doubts; I don’t believe the Democratization of Cuba will occur until the last Castro’s death. It will happen. I hope we get a stable John Locke-George Washington-James Madison-style Democratic Republic down there.

I hope the Cuban land-owners, the expatriates living in the United States get their deeded land back.

I like who Saul Anuzis has to quote about it all.