A pertinent Mitt Romney anti-endorsement

Danielle Huntley (BC) wrote
at 8:11pm yesterday
I am a life long MA resident and can tell you why I am not supporting Mitt Romney. He is an opportunist snake. Who will say anything to pander to the base to get himself elected.

“executive experience” = last year in office spending 2/3 of his time out of the state building his presidential campaign. I voted for him to govern the Commonwealth not run his presidential bid.

Romney also did nothing for the republican candidate running for governor after him, his Lt. Gov Kerry Healey. He didn’t campaign for her at all, and now we have the uber liberal Deval Patrick.

His glorified socialized health care plan is going to end up costing the taxpayer millions more than was originally projected, because they under projected the number of people lacking health insurance in the Commonwealth.

Most of my conservative friends here in MA refuse to support him. We had him as our governor for four years. He is a snake, and did NOTHING for the state he governed.

This will be integral to my narrative. Integral to THE narrative.