Shortly after Fred Thompson removed himself from the Presidential race I unsubscribed from John McCain and Mitt Romney’s electronic mailing lists.

The e-mail addresses that I use for those sorts of things are quite specific. Unfortunately over a year ago I signed up with a more general e-mail address with California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, in part to seek out where his 2006 Victory Party may be.

I forgot about it, and the Governator stopped sending me stuff.

Recently he sent me a couple more e-mails and I ignored them. Then there was an Auhnuld-linked e-mail sent to me from Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Then I got a second letter straight from the McCain campaign that was not addressed or bylined by the Governator. I figured it out the first time. Only the California Governor had my e-mail address and the Arizona Senator’s campaign was commanded not to contact me. Obviously what has happened is that when Arnold endorsed McCain his campaign infrastructure turned over the rolls of contact lists to the McCain campaign.

Lots of political organizations sell their lists and it is pretty scumtastic thing to do. I suspect John McCain got mine for free. I resent it.

I unsubscribed from this California McCain deal but I still resent it. Thanks a lot Governor Schwarzenegger. That was none of McCain campaign’s business.