I like Jonah Goldberg but I have never heard him on the radio or seen him on television. I don’t count webcast videos.

So there’s this for yesterday.

Today’s Schedule 9:05am-9:25amEST Glenn Beck 12:00pm-12:15pmEST Sirius/Thom Hartmann Show 4:15pm-4:20pmEST TRN/Jerry Doyle Show

In my market, commonly called Lansing, the station that plays Glenn Beck (#3 talk show in the nation), 1240 AM, only plays exactly one half of the show, that running from 10 AM to 11:30 AM so I definitely miss Glenn’s interview with Jonah, which I am certain was a laugh riot. Now I love the Jerry Doyle Show so certainly I could catch the interview that was in hour 2 on 1320 AM. I cannot do that because a few months ago some bright guy decided to move Jerry Doyle to a late night slot (so the episodes aired are pre-recorded and not live) and the two of the three hours that were played in the afternoon (fortunately the current slot features all three hours for what it is worth) were replaced by not-live but pre-recorded two hours (the first two hours out of three) from the Dennis Miller Show.

Dennis Miller is funny but not as fun or interesting as Jerry Doyle, but apparently the majority of the 1320 AM listeners would rather listen to a recording of Dennis Miller’s show than a live airing of Jerry Doyle’s.

Jerry Doyle’s program airs 3 to 6 PM ET, Dennis Miller’s airs from 10 AM to 1 PM I believe. It doesn’t really matter. I just prefer my radio programs live and whole. That’s sort of irrelevant now that I just cannot listen to the Goldberg interviews that sound so awesome conceptually.