An old interview regarding historian, teacher, and actor Peter Weller has one final question-and-answer point – don’t ask him anymore about Robocop. It’s perfectly logically that a man being interviewed in October 2007 is enthusiastic to leave behind a wonderful and important time in his life that occurred two decades ago. No one wants to be eternally typecast. More importantly a man who lives and works as a man who teaches, researches, learns, and then acts in role now is certainly not the man whose interest dwells most essentially on merely an important role that he is finished playing.

While he is more than delighted to discuss ancient civilisations, he becomes more taciturn when asked about his part as the eponymous cyborg law enforcer in the sci-fi classic RoboCop, which just celebrated its 20th anniversary with a commemorative special edition DVD. “I have no interest in talking about RoboCop,” he states sternly. “I’m very happy to have worked on RoboCop and very happy to leave it behind.”

People are discussing it on the Robocop Archive forums and some apparently are coming to the logical conclusion regarding Professor Weller’s attitude towards a cornerstone of his career and others haven’t; I’m almost certain that more can comment. The interview is good. Mr. Weller is working towards a doctorate and will receive it in 2009.

What isn’t strictly an interview but a monologue is this bit with Steven Grant regarding Frank Miller’s Robocop, a comic book adaptation of the original script for Robocop 2, which means that the comic is a adapting a Frank Miller work yet it isn’t genuinely an adaptation of the film. This is even if you are not taking into account what a comic book adaptation of a film is actually adapting. Steven Grant wrote the comic book (nine issues published by Avatar).