I expect the First Lady of the United States to be a woman full of grace and manners. Purportedly Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton possessed neither in her tenure serving the role. Gateway Pundit presents a list of testimonials and Hillary quotes regarding the junior Senator’s use of the F-bomb towards people, in the wake her new “The Hillary I Know” image improvement campaign.

I have no clue why she wants to be compared to a horse.

As an additional note, it simply reminds me of Tom Clancy’s The Sum of All Fears where those that protect, the Secret Service, receive such great antipathy from those that they protect. Moreover I’m not altogether certain about chain of command but the First Lady has no place in it, in part because the Secret Service is a branch of the Department of the Treasury and not simple rent-a-cops.

Not that I am saying that being crude and impolite must disqualify one from holding our nation’s highest office. I am saying that character counts, and how one treats people (or an expensive tool for the public trust) for a pain of sunglasses is perhaps indicative of how she will serve the public trust.

While I’m on the subject of indications, I’m going to go way off on a limb and rant that we still have no sold indications of how Mitt Romney would act as President.