Normally these come one by one without much if any accompanying text to provide context, an explanation, or a biography. Today I’ll add that this is apparently THE music video and anyone with ears can recognize that the band the Timelords made this music by sampling Glitter and other bits.

That’s irrelevant to me at present; in the presented fiction the car is the Ford Timelord and the sentient automobile inspired the creation of an entire musical video. Historical accuracy demands that I mention that the Timelords was the name of the band for one if not two (and possibly two) albums. Normally this band goes by the moniker of KLF.
KLF – Doctorin’ the TARDIS

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The M.O. of KLF is to make songs, mostly obscure in the end, by sampling EVERYTHING. The next video is the Timelords…. doing the song live, intercut with the above video, I think. I could be wrong. It’s hard to care, exactly, if I am wrong.