It has often been a peeve of mine that in the capital of our nation the Second Amendment of the Constitution (the highest law of the land) has been entirely negated. One would think that a metropolis that stands a symbol of freedom and American law would actually be the last place to find a major segment of our highest law (and the number two greatest and most important freedom) outright ignored. Recently the Supreme Court of the United States (the SCOTUS) has scheduled the review of this injustice to take place next year (2008) so there is a possibility to unravel the rest of various cities’ absolute firearm bans, or to codify a flexibility in the Second Amendment that the Founding Fathers would find antithetical to all intentions.

Keeping in mind that however the Second Amendment is interpreted specifically, I believe that any correct interpretation allows the use and possession of any firearm, be it handgun, rifled long gun, or shotgun that can be effectively used for self-defense, even with a lethal result.