National Review Online takes well-reasoned and finely-measured swipes at Mike Huckabee. He has the fine right-wing compassion for life and wonder and babies and such but when it comes to government and the common man, he approaches public policy like a statist. or, as Cato put it, “The Cato Institute gave him a D on fiscal policy, noting that spending had increased at three times the rate of inflation during his governorship.”

I like Mike Huckabee but this only reassures and affirms my biases against Huckabee’s candidacy for President. I hope I can make time follow up on this, and other questions in December.

But no, I am not from Arkansas. This blog is written from the suffering home state of Michigan.

On a related note, back in August NRO tackled the Fair Tax and how it’s inherent complexities make it an issue unfit for 2008, especially for so-called serious candidates to engage.*

* for the record, I am a properly registered Fair Tax supporter and Apologies Demanded is properly registered under the Rolls for Fair Tax Fans. I just don’t believe that it is the right choice right now. Executed improperly, even slightly, the Fair Tax could cause a disaster.