Well, both Governors Bill Clinton and Mike Huckabee ruling over Arkansas had increased taxes in ways unimaginable to a classy, thoughtful Conservative such as myself.

“a regressive tax on food”? We don’t do that here! It isn’t in my stack of expectations.

Democrat Bill Clinton did it because he’s a liberal. He’s a leftist. What is Mike Huckabee? He’s a “Compassionate Conservative”. I like Mike Huckabee and I’ve met him. I like President Bush, too, but we really don’t need more government like that. Seriously: how much more similar do we need between leftists and thought-of rightists when the tax results are the same?

Who moved Arkansas back from the brink? “This is where freshman Democratic governor Mike Beebe comes in.

Mike Beebe, in his first year as governor, has delivered the biggest tax cut in Arkansas history, one that has lifted a burden from the backs of the state’s poor and middle class. Neither Clinton nor Huckabee can ever say that.

Good to remember.