In 1996 the Americans created a two-hour unofficial pilot with the unofficial title of “The Enemy Within”. It’s noteworthy what country the movie’s creators came from simply because Americans putting forth a Doctor Who story based on their own sensibilities is akin to the Japanese putting forth a Fantastic Four story, or more appropriately, the British creating a Superman comic book.

For some reason the movie has been retroactively rendered as canon by the creators of the current television series, which fits fine to me as I naturally consider stuff of similar or identical medium to be of the same canon/continuity automatically, depending on the franchise! There are some weird bits as this the only televised appearance in the canon of the eight Doctor, played by Paul McGann, presents the alien main character as half human, among other foibles and items of note.

Of course “items of note” are only items of note to Doctor Who fanatics. Otherwise this is just weird bit of nineties kitsch, complete with obligatory reference to the impending millennium. As it fits in with the massive American nee world stupidity regarding the passage of one century and millennium towards another the film parallels the real world super large mistake in portraying the New Year’s point between 1999 and 2000 as the change from the 20th century to the 21st. The reality is that since there is no year zero the 21st century starts on January 1st, 2001. Similarly the first decade in the 20th century stretched from January 1st, 1901 to December 31st 1910. Thus as decades and centuries are calculated, so must be millennia. Actual passage of time need not be calculated in pop culture. I prefer to think the inclusion of the ‘new millennium’ crap to be exclusively nineties kitsch and so far that really does pan out. What significance this sort of thing can have to a time traveler I really don’t see.

Part of the kitsch is the massive outstretches for nostalgia! Thus we have a ‘modern film’ presenting stuff from past Doctor stories, including items from the seventies, eighties, and sixties that is not genuinely relevant to the matter at hand.

It’s surprising to find the beginning boasting a narration by the eighth Doctor who has not been seen on screen yet. The tale begins on Skarro, the home of the Doctor’s arch-nemeses the Daleks. I don’t understand the whole bit regarding the trial of the Master. The Master is the Doctor’s evil antithesis. The Daleks are brutal alien slugheads wrapped in suits of armor who are intent on sterilizing the universe of all “inferior lifeforms, which translates roughly into “anyone that is not a Dalek.” So far the Daleks are not in this movie and I doubt they will be. On the other hand the Master is quasi-effectively introduced to the story, the movie’s theme music is fairly awesome and we see the beginning of what will end up being the last moments of the Doctor in his seventh form/life/incarnation.

The video file is a slice of the movie and it was uploaded to youtube by a stranger who seriously violated BBC copyright. The movie is one by and for Fox. I merely write about it.