Coming up, in theory, is my brief article on White Nationalists.

Also there is the theory that I’ll do a run-off of various dictionary definitions of the word “science”… working around my point that if you can’t test it or observant it in real time present day then whatever it is you are doing isn’t science. Data is collected in the here and now, but what the conclusions are can be scientifically based on a mere prediction or forecast in the future or past. If you cannot see the results yourself and record it yourself then where is the science?

That’s a rhetorical question.

As it is, we remember the purpose of this weblog, as spelled out, rejecting the old mission statements for the merest of moments as I point beyond that it is all about me, and that every single article posted on Apologies Demanded is an example of my running notions or searches at the time, or another time, and that each post represents research, or a note, or a reflection, or a falling notion. The audience of the weblog remains small despite years of writing and in part that is because of my own failures and in part it is destiny. Whatever fame or mediocrity I achieve in the future the fact remains that this is a record of sorts, running so that I can look back to a non-comprehensive library/appendix/supplemental of topics so various that finding a completed series is a blooming near-miracle. Again as it is it is a reference to my near-broken psyche and running river of my views on the mentioned issues. The point isn’t so much that my so-called followers can read my most recent thoughts on whatever because obviously it doesn’t do timely and it doesn’t follow the news of the day precisely and it isn’t a newsblog! The point is that I can go back and find something! The weblog isn’t a failure at all even if it is not ideal.

So if you are reading, actually reading, comment and tell me why!