I don’t think so.

It’s fairly common knowledge that my state, the peninsulas, and the surrounding shores of the Great Lakes were carved out by glaciers. Perhaps just one supremely large one.

Merriam-Webster declares a glacier as

gla·cier Listen to the pronunciation of glacierPronunciation: ˈglā-shər also -zhər, especially British ˈgla-sē-ər or ˈglā-sē- Function:noun Etymology:French, from Middle French dialect (Franco-Provençal), from glace ice, from Latin glacies; akin to Latin gelu frost — more at coldDate:1744

: a large body of ice moving slowly down a slope or valley or spreading outward on a land surface

Probably not just one. The thing is, I don’t see one of those around here anymore. Not at all. Anywhere. Not in Ohio. It purportedly moved south. Where is it? It must have melted.

Before recorded human civilization.

I guess global warming is real after all.