I report from CPAC 2007.

My only true regret is that I never heckled Arlen Specter.

“Please sir, if you may explain what a left-wing abortion advocate such as yourself is doing at the Conservative Political Action Conference? I mean, you are even speaking here! Did you get lost?”

He had a Q and A session.

I also apparently missed an opportunity to see (and likely pictured with) Newt Gingrich and John Bolton.

I deliberately decided (rightly or wrongly) to miss Presidential candidate Duncan Hunter’s speech at 8:30 AM in favor of watching some episodes of Dogfight on the History Channel.

I saw someone’s motorcade today. I got a few bad pictures shot off.

It is doubtful that I will be posting again before a week from Sunday. I would be even more apropriate if I do not totally end the hiatus before some weeks from now, as I would be re-equipped and re-tooled, re-enabled for action and life.