Date: Nov 28, 2006 6:41 PM
Subject Boys and Girls

I have some education news folks. A new study that could help “the children” reach their full intellectual potential. One problem: If any of you parents inquire about it, educators will look upon you with utter contempt. And I can guarantee that there will be absolutely no effort to put the findings of this study into effect.

How do I know this? Well, because the study’s conclusion is certain to enrage liberals and that means educators. Ready? Here it is: Boys learn better when taught by men; girls learn more when taught by women.

Thomas Dee, visiting scholar at Stanford University, conducted the research, which was vetted and approved by his peers. It appears in Education Next, a quarterly published by the Hoover Institution. But the very notion that a female teacher might hurt a boy’s education – and vice versa – has “leading education advocates” disputing the conclusions and methodology. Mr. Dee isn’t suggesting schools turn to single-sex education, or any other policy shift; what he wants is more research into the role gender plays in learning.

Fat chance, buddy. Pointy-heads will support junk science like global warming because it fits their agenda. But to an education establishment run by girlie-men and radically feminized women, the mere suggestion that boys might learn best from men, or girls from women is jut plain Neanderthal. Nobody, but nobody is going to challenge their views — no matter how much common sense the research makes, boys and girls.