Date: Nov 27, 2006 8:27 PM
Subject Giddy Lib

Well, I knew it was going to happen, folks: they’re unplugged! Our giddy liberal pals can now say exactly what they think. Here’s a prime example — Los Angles Times columnist Jonathan Chait. Some excerpts:

“The debate about Iraq has moved past the question of whether it was a mistake (everybody knows it was) to the more depressing question of whether it is possible to avert total disaster…Maybe, just maybe,” Chait writes, “our best option is to restore Saddam Hussein to power.”

Sure, Chait continues, “Hussein is a psychotic mass murderer. Under his rule, Iraqis were shot, tortured, and lived in constant fear. Bringing [Hussein] back would sound cruel if it weren’t for the fact that all those things are also happening now[.]”

See? I’ve always told you: elitist liberals don’t believe other “peoples” can handle democracy! And Mr. Chait here says it plain as day. First of all, Mr. Chait, not everybody believes the war was a mistake — including our military in Iraq. Secondly, the violence in Iraq doesn’t come close to Saddam’s bloodshed and terror! Chait continues with this:

“Consider some of the upside [of reinstalling Hussein]: He would not allow the country to be dominated by Iran, [America’s] regional enemy;… Hussein was extremely difficult to deal with before the war,” but now he’d “probably” go along with us “because his alternative is death by hanging.” (Oh, so we’re going to get a kinder, gentler Saddam now!) He says, “I know why restoring a brutal tyrant to power is a bad idea…Somebody explain to me why it’s worse than all the others.”

Why bother with you, Mr. Chait? Your mind couldn’t digest it if I told you because…you’re a liberal!