It wasn’t the first time that the President has done this but it annoys me more this time. Barely a week after Governor Granholm insists upon alternative energy sources being a backbone of the new Michigan economy the President in the State of the Union Address discusses the Federal Government’s active participation in the development of alternative energy technologies in use for automobile manufacturing. I’m not saying that the President is taking after my Governor; it appears that President Bush has latched onto the continually growing trend of irrationally condemning the use of gasoline and traditional sources. First this concerns me because, as I said, alternative energy doesn’t work as envisioned. Second, other popular fuel sources are proven to be less than optimal

Gasoline-powered engines are not dominant because oil company pushers have addicted us to the oil drug. Gas is simply the best energy source on the planet. At 18,700 BTU (British Thermal Unit) per pound, gasoline vastly outperforms ethanol — the president’s stated alternative — at just 11,500 BTU/lb. That means a gallon of gas goes farther, cheaper.

Thirdly, this whole spiel sounds like an appeal to liberal interest groups, an attempt to join a wholesome-sounding movement of self-sufficiency yet rejects various amounts of actual science. All of this experimentation and investment in fantasy technology is expenditure of federal money, people’s tax-dollars, into a non-science nonsense.

It’s a political bandwgon, not a scientific movement, and it is an expensive one.