For weeks Fox promoted the 24 Season Premiere. It was two be two hours long. I am busy Sundays so I set my VCR for 8 PM to 10 PM and left for church. As I programmed I noticed that there was a football game on. It likely will run long. I thought that and I thought wrong.

The game ran nearly ten minutes longer than anyone anticipated, I estimate. The game may run long but the following program was advertised to be on at 8 PM. Surely they won’t follow up with the Post-Game Show, right?

Wrong. Those four goofballs, whom I normally respect and appreciate and occasionally like, still had their say. They still talked. It’s a post-game show! Bah! The game is over! Move on!

The absolute worst part may be waiting 17 seconds for the black guy to tie it up and introduce 24.

So naturally the commercials were in. Naturally my VCR turned off at 10 PM and I missed the last ten minutes of the show! There are no re-runs in a non-stop season. Many people watching live caught the ending; some just set their VCRs to run long. One community of folk missed the last ten minutes as the 10 O’Clock News cut off the end, never to return!

It’s kind of unfortunate; a lot of stuff in commercials that I wanted to actually see is what got cut. Fortunately the end is described concisely and with all neccessary detail by Michael Hutchison over here.

It’s disapointing. I got over it. Still I would rather the commercial be honored rather than the four Fox football fellows.