He is one of my favorite actors and High Fidelity and Grosse Point Blank are great movies. Serendipity was passable and a great excuse to look at Kate Beckinsale without her husband killing me. Where was I? Oh, yes. I already knew that his political ideas and philosophies were somewhat on the other end from me, which doesn’t stop me from enjoying his films. He makes movies and he is good at that job. However his comment to the entiriety of the sociopolitical right, apparently: “So maybe I’m smug, and maybe the Democrats are petty. Maybe you’re right. But you’re ordering people to their deaths. How are those two things comparable?”

He also claims that the Democrats stand for something (but are poor communicators). To be honest, that is something that is debateable. Democrats should debate that. I could care less whether or not they stand for something, if what is being communicated remains what is being communicated today. If the Democrats do indeed stand for something, I don’t care.

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