You know those guys that go around promoting all these internet browsers aside from Internet Explorer? You know how these guys have nothing to gain, really, from the expanded consumer use of whatever open-source utility that they favor? They didn’t make it or have a hand in making it or are getting paid to promote it. Then they go around telling people to use this alternative technology, especially citing that the software is less vulnerable to hacker attack and viruses because the audience is so small and the hackers are so busy creating stuff to attack all of those IE users out there.

Do you know those guys? Those guys are idiots.

I tell you the truth. If we do have some software that truly is less vulernable to attack by hackers simply because the target is small, then it is incredibly dunder-headed to attempt to make the new browser a standard of any sort and attract attention from said villain hackers whom just a few minutes prior your were announcing your immunity regarding.

What colossal idiocy drives someone to wear shorts saying “punch me here” printed right between the legs…