This weekend is the long-awaited U of M versus MSU football game. The game this year carries extra interest as this farce of a so-called rivalry actually becomes a real one. Various Spartans over the years have carried with them the impression that there is rivalry between the two teams as there exists betweent the two schools. For decades that’s been foolishness and a good deal of the more aware ones know it! There has long been a rivalry between fans of the two teams but to be honest there is no rivalry, let alone arch-rivalry between two teams when of them has a more or less steady record of getting thumped by the other. Michigan State has a terrible record against the Wolverines in football. This year is different; the Spartans are undefeated and the University of Michigan is at a turning point with a 2-2 record. The Spartans are the favorite to win this year, making the entire thing quite legendary. This is also the moment where Michigan decides to be good or actually, geniunely suck.

WZZM 13 out of Kalamazoo and West Michigan has created this website complete with countdown clock and my favorite stuff, juicy polls. Honestly the favorite fight song is a matter of taste and I think MSU’s has better lyrics, even if the tune is less catchy and the song is often so ironic when played (not this year, though). I originally voted as to liking U of M’s helmets better but then I realized that even though the helmets are less plain and quite prettier they are also vague and could be for any team, given the blue and yellow striped patterns. Heck, the helmet design is described as “wings”. What kind of Wolverine has wings?

Go to the site and take part in the polls. Michigan State University and the undefeated Spartans are favored by one and all…. I’m rooting for my team regardless.