Since Eric Spratling long ago graduated, Arizona State University killed his official Web Devil weblog. I preserve the URL but remove the link from the Roll.

One also observes that towards the end of the G-Philes‘ collective web manifestation Mister Spratling provided the bulk of the posts. He provided the last weblog post and in fact it was a dead blog after August 27th, 2003, standing prone for awhile after he left civilian life. Now it has been removed from the space by the weblog’s ultimate owner(s), Farris and Justin.

Administrative Contact:
Two Nagilas, Inc.
Goldstein, Farris
3500 Cromwell St
Plano, TX 75075-6211

Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
Justin Rush
Farris Goldstein
901 Lakeside Cir Apt 9305
Lewisville, TX 75057-5065

The domain is up for grabs September 8th, 2005. It’s actually a shame because it was the most notorious fan-weblog for Jonah Goldberg and National Review Online. It had great site design and fine writing. It’s also off the list now.

Hopefully the Internet Archive has records and copies of and from both internet publications, but there is only one way to know.

Kevin Melrose has killed his Thought Balloons weblog (which covered a lot of news regarding independent and “alternative” comic books) and left the dead corpse intact; why link to that? He is continuing his blogging at Dark, But Shining but I am not adding that to the list.

Since Christopher Hunter has apparently ended our alliance and removed the link to AD from Panoramically Challenged I am free to note that while he possesses great skills, his primary weblog is nothing special; it’s gone.

Jim Lee has closed a chapter on Gelatometti as they open up a new Blogspot host-location to continue the weblog as Sun of Gelatometti. The original weblog still exists as an archive and the new host was apparently activated as the graphic-heavy weblog became increasingly bogged down as new posts were made. I’m replacing the old link with the new, noting that current live blog links to the old archive anyway. Also, typing in the url of will bring (redirect) you to whatever is the most recent version.

Joshua Elder, winner of the Rising Stars of Manga contest, removed his wonderful, formerly prolific, autobiographical weblog planet krypton to keep a lot of his work and ideas that were located there out of the public view. Of course, because that URL rocks so much, it’s being used for an inferior blog that I’d rather not keep a link to. If you really need to get in touch with Mr. Elder, I know how but I’d find it odd that I was the one you asked.

Observant readers (there are six, I believe) will note that I removed the link to my Halo 2 blog. That’s because I killed it. There was no point in having the weblog and the template cluttering up my Blogger Dashboard and I might as well let someone else use the URL (if they want it). I don’t play the game so much (anymore, if I ever did play it so much) and I am not that good at it. Not only that but my obsession with the fact that the Campaign Mode of the released game was a half-assed delivery of a broken promise. It’s not the Campaign Mode that was promised to the fans once Halo 2 was announced many years ago. Any commentary or news on the game I can just post here; perhaps I’ll also make a special tribute page off of my Michigan State University web-space.

I shifted around the neccessary weblog buttons near the bottom of the sidebar as necessary. Perhaps the host space for some of them will change as well.