I imagined that when I got to my 300th post, and I only can take Blogger’s word that this is it, it would be a bigger deal and I would have a longer list of notable and intelligent things to say.

I would have hoped that more of my thoughts would have made it to the page, so I would have something to reference from time to time rather than having to explain myself or having to search through my long list of Favorites or Bookmarks to find that one article from wherever.

If this weblog was everything I thought it would be when I started it, it would have been a larger collection of link dumps and certainly have been a more successful reflection of my ideas. Perhaps I would have had a larger following by now if my posting habits had gotten me to entry #300, say, last year! As it is, 300 posts in 3 years is not too bad. To be honest most blogs don’t make it for three years and I have been doing this for a wierdly long bit of time.

Doing this would be easier if once in awhile someone donated something to my Paypal account!

It has been fun. I shall do this more often. Maybe I’ll acknowledge the fourth anniversary when it comes.