I’m broadcasting fron the Conservative Political Activist Convention in Washington, DC. I’ve had a chance (and I took it) for a picture of Michael Medved, a wasted photo of that villain Al Franken, and I got David Horowitz‘s autograph in a brand-new, priced at five-dollars (what a deal) copy of The Anti-Chomsky Reader. I’m not an autograph collector by practice but I have been desiring a copy of the Reader for quite some time now. I’m a Chomsky fanatic, as in I’m obsessed with the truth about the lefty political philisopher and utter socialist.

Washington is beautiful. I saw Dan Flynn again and have been checking out many wonderful booths, including that of MEMRI, the Leadership Institute, and others. I also entered into the Conservative Idol contest. Look for me.

I doubt I’ll post again from here.