Two students attending Wells College are suing the institution because when they applied it was a women’s college, and the school is starting to accept men.

The students seek preliminary and permanent injunctions to stop the school, founded in 1868 as a woman’s liberal arts college, from admitting men before fall 2008. The suit also seeks undetermined punitive damages and “any other such further relief as the court deems just and proper.”

The freshmen will graduate in 2008. One of the claims is that after the decision was made to convert the school from a single-sex college to a coed one, the place was still being marketed by its recruiters as a women’s school.

“We’re asking for very limited relief,” Carmen said. “We just want the women who applied to, and were accepted by, a woman’s college to be able to graduate from a women’s college.”

If that is actually what they were sold and what they (thought to have and were led to thought to have) paid for, then they are certainly in the right to sue for this cause and in this instance; I’d root for them.