One little fart asked why I was posting on political issues when my blog is on the Comics Weblog list.

The simple answer is that it’s my weblog and I will post about what I want to. There is comics commentary farther back in the history of AD but to be honest there are few clear (albeit stringent) limitations on what can be posted here.

The anonymous little turd-monkey could also be apparently peeved that I have a weblog with a large amount of political-themed content listed on the Comics Weblog directory.

I am a reader of comic books and the blog got steered into a particular course by the elections; I will not apologize for that. When I get less time I post less and thus the priorities for some topics get altered by what I can do. There are repercussions, of course, my blog was taken off of the Roll at Thought Balloons, I assume because the focus had shifted apparently more permanently toward the realm of my political interests. The other possibility is that the content was Conservative in view and bias and that turned off Kevin Melrose, the blog’s owner.

I’m alright with that. He originally put a political weblog on his Roll because its author was a self-evident comics reader (I posted comments on his blog) and fan and even savant; he apparently never read the at-the-time limited content. I shifted to comics posts because my blog was on his Roll and I felt that there was a tiny bit of responsibility to provide actual content of that sort.

I will still post on comic books.

As it is I don’t entirely see the problem with me not being exclusively about comic books with this blog. is on the Comic Weblog Updates list and it doesn’t even cover comics as much mine does, although when she does write about comics, it’s generally more intelligent than what I spew.

The only reason that one can justify Warren Ellis’s weblog being on the list is that he writes comic books, as the subject and very nature of his blog have nothing to do with comics (supposedly it’s a research blog). Elayne Riggs posts politics as much as I, post for post, but since she updates more often than I she posts about politics more often than I; her husband is an inker. That her politics swings left is what probably helps her fit fine within some people’s hearts and minds. I need not mention that Peter David more than occasionally takes the focus off of his spectacular work, and as is his perogative, on whatever he wants, including televisions, his personal life, other facets of his professional life, and his leftist political views. In essences, to justify the existence/presence of a lot of the weblogs on the Update feed one has to stretch the definition or qualification of just what a comics blog is.

The majority of those strictly comics-themed blogs on the list are redundent, anyway. By definition and by the nature of the beast, the more comics blogs we get the fewer there are that are truly exceptional and the fewer there are that are worth stopping at.

AD is pure self-indulgence. I won’t always indulge in being redundent; Chris Hunter has a weblog that occasionally functions for linking the apropriate and interesting.

Monitor Duty is another weblog I post to occasionally. The number of occasions has decreased because of software-incompatibility concerns. The mission of Monitor Duty, and the primary topic focus of MD is comic books, and of course instances in other media that relate. We cover comic books, genre television, genre film, and adaptions of comics material within other media; there’s also an unhealthy interest in Michael Moore. A solid number and high percentage of writers on the Monitor Duty staff are political and social Conservatives and more than a few of those are actual Republicans. The owner and editor, Michael Hutchison, scores even higher on the Libertarian Purity Test than I. The writers do take liberties with adding political angles and filters, and lenses to their posts and stories now and again (I have noticed that some people have removed Monitor Duty from their Blog Rolls, presumably and in some cases explicitly because of occasional Conservative political content and the fact that some of the writers are right-wingers). Actually those who removed MD from their links for political reasons are doing a stupid thing for stupid reasons; the political content on MD is very minor and very sparse and in addition it does serve as good news feed/portal regarding comics.

One of the reasons that I post sparsely on comic books on AD is because as a Monitor Duty staff member I should post on comics there; so I have little of that to post on Apologies Demanded; it is not redundent in the face of Monitor Duty. Invariably I shall post comics news on MD but shall still use AD to just position general comic book-centered commentary.

Mind you, or mind anyone, that philosophy, theology, and science occasionally take place on this weblog, not politics, political theory, world news, election fever, or comics.

As it is, a little overt right-winged attitudes never hurt anybody; and unless your attention span is minimal, it doesn’t hurt you to zip from the Updates feed to AD, find a political post, discover that it doesn’t interest you, and zip back to the Updates feed with minimal complaint.

And eventually I will comment on the crappy Amazing Spider-Man story with Gwen Stacy’s Goblin love-children, and the Spectacular(?) Spider-Man story development with “organic web-shooters”, as people have taken to calling them.