Time magazine cover 2004-07-19Michael Barone surmises what I have been thinking for weeks. The President has never really been campiagning against a successful and bold Kerry Campaign. He has fought hard against the media, liberal as it may be, and whatever images of him that they choose to paint.

Very little was the times that President Bush had to confront the threats and ideal of John Kerry, who in reality is a candidate like Walter Mondale or Bob Dole. The President had to be compared to an idealized version, or vision of John Kerry.

What media that wasn’t left-leaning or leaning against the President, would let a candidate get away with as many gross violations of rhetoric as John Kerry has produced?







David Fiore (
this post is a “gross violation of rhetoric”there is no “liberal media” my friend.Dave

Wednesday, November 03, 2004, 3:47:06 AM

Christopher J. Arndt (
“There is no liberal media” is something that I continously read, backed up by the WEAKEST apologetics ever summoned to defend against the hundreds of instances of anecdotal evidence suggesting and supporting the idea that mainstream media leans politically leftward.Saying “there is no liberal media” makes gives someone the same authority as if he had just said “gravity makes things fall up”.
Wednesday, November 03, 2004, 10:07:32 PM

Update from the future year 2016

2016-06-28: Now this comes off as me whining about media bias, the “liberal media”.  Every conservative my young age at that time whined about stacked decks, unlevel playing fields and all that stuff.

Now here is the truth.  There is always media bias and every media outlet or newscaster or pundit has some bias towards or against someone. This is true in partisan politics and sports.  I’m sure it’s true in other instances but I cannot think of any right now.

Now here is the thing.  Every professional political operative or tactician, strategist, consultant, campaign manager on the Republican side is aware that the majority of the media is against Republicans, especially conservative Republicans, from the onset of a serious, intentional political campaign.  They know it’s an uphill battle and they do not ever whine about it.  They plan for it ahead of time and they lay plans accordingly and then they act.

That whole notion that news agencies are truly impartial?  That’s just bullshit that naive morons fill their own heads with in order to feel clean.  Those people should be ignored and isolated from places of influence.

Any Republican candidate that moans about the media bias against him after he lost should be treated like a crippled horse.