The motto, the subtitle, the slogan and mission statement of this weblog has been about “fighting the never-ending battle for truth and justice.” Observant people will note that that’s a catch-phrase from the beginning of “The Challenge of the Super Friends”. It is indeed a mission statement and a quest to take seriously. I engaged this blog a short time ago and it’s based on a single-minded journey with dimensions most similar to stuff found in comic books with heroes and villains and battles worth fighting.

There are causes worth fighting for.

So I take on politics, society and the world but I engage it from my moral worldview calibrated theologically but set in course like a comic book super-hero. There is a right and wrong in the universe and the difference is not hard to make. Apparently right and wrong and such discernment are outside the field of some people’s reference.

That’s a reason to take a stand in this election. I believe that there’s an enemy worth destroying and who demands destruction. I believe that one Presidential candidate would do what is necessary to protect this country and do what is right while the other focuses on his own political potential and political future; he watches the polls and calibrates his answers to fit some of the worldviews of his supposed base, with all that diversity. That’s not leadership; that’s a puppet.

I will take a stand; I will vote; I will do what is right. None of you will stop me. Only God can stop me. I will speak.

I hope to help preserve the nation.

“Hope” is not on the way… hope is here. Let’s use it.