400 tons of high explosives once existed in a dump in Iraq. They vanished. I want to and intend to cover that in detail later.

Now I link to an article, as a teaser almost. There’s no way that these explosives were pulled out from under the noses and out from the notice of the United States Armed Forces. It would take massive resources a great deal of time, effort, expense, and visibility to haul 400 tons of high explosives from this dump. CBS News bullshitted us Thursday night with the assertion that it was possible for many terrorists to graudally empty a dump of 400 tons of H.E. using pick-up trucks.

The explosives vanished before the war. The United Nations report and emphasize this to destablize our own President’s efforts to retain his seat? The Interenational Atomic Energy Agency is telling lies for some reason. The Senator challenging the President for the office is using this event and status as a blunt club during his late election stumps. “Sen. Kerry knows this is a bogus issue. And he doesn’t care. He’s willing to accuse our troops of negligence and incompetence to further his political career. Of course, he did that once before.” Not only does he do that, but he insists the troops are doing a fine job and blames this on the current POTUS. No President would or should ever micromanage as tightly as to be responsible for what Kerry insists the President is responsible for letting happen.

Unless the President was on the field with binoculars he is not responsible for this little thing anymore than he is for other little things. Especially since it’s not a failure of American tacticians so it’s not the fault of the President at all. Regardless of the lies of John Kerry.