Posted on October 26, 2004 at 08:58:35 AM by Chuck Dixon

This new campaign promise appearing in ads for Johnny Windsurf manages to be stupid, silly and scary all at the same time.

Only the mind of James Carville could have come up with something this blunt, this dumb and this disingenuous.

It’s a sad effort to make us all forget that John Kerry who voted to weaken our military, spoke of our soldiers as baby killers and worse, voted to appease communism, voted to end the arms race and promises to ask the UN for permission to retaliate the next time we’re attacked.

And where will he go hunting for terrorists with his goose gun? Well, if they’re hiding anywhere but Afghanistan then they’re in luck! He only intends to look there. The fact that Osama is currently hiding in Northern Pakistan is immaterial. John Kerry only wants to look in Afghanistan. Forget the fact that we have hunter/killer teams in countries all over the world kakking terrorists every day. Forget the thousands of extremists, America-haters, riotmongers and hooligans that have already taken the big adios in Iraq. Johnny Ketchup’s comin’ to town! There’s gonna be a NEW sheriff. NOW we’re gonna see some action, boy!

But ONLY if they’re hiding in a country that the UN says it’s okay to look in. The UN which is gonna help us establish democracy in Iraq and Afghanistan even though most of its member nations are NOT democracies. Even though many of its members openly harbor or sanction or sponsor terrorism themselves. Even though it’s an organization that Lewis Carroll might have imagined where Libya once headed up the Human Rights Division and the invasion of Iraq prevented Saddam from being next in line for the same position. After all, during the Cold War, Cuba was the head of the NON-alligned nations!

If Johnny DickCheney’sdaughterisalesbian gets in the Oval Office we’ll have to change God Bless America to God Tests America.

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