Did Senator Kerry mean to say this or did he just screw up? Rather was he sincere in his statement? Apparently he stated that any cause that an American soldier fights and dies for is not worthwhile unless the fighting is at the grace of the United Nation and alongside soldiers of other countries. In effect, the soldiers are wasted, worthless, unless the cause is blessed, justified by the UN (regardless of right and wrong). He’s compared the value of American soldiers’ lives and deeds to the blessing of the UN and our men come up short in his comparison.

So did Senator Kerry intend to say that and did he believe that? Did he misspeak? Would it be wrong to hold it against him?

It’s an interesting question because as the POTUS Kerry would be the leader of our country. The leader of our country should never cow-tow to the United Nations of the UN Security Council. I could easily dismiss a comment praising the UN over our own national will as a misstep if it weren’t for a record including a young Lt. Kerry telling us all that American forces “should only be deployed at UN direction”.

Kerry, of course, stated that he would never give other nations “veto power over our own national security” but he talks about his “global test”. If the global test is not a measure of foreign support of our own interests and action in the name of national security, then it’s meaningless noise.

I’d prefer it to be meaningless noise otherwise failure to pass meaningful “global tests” could lead to our safety being hampered.