It’s a long hard slog between now and November 2. Actually it’s worse than that. It’s still frightfully closely between President Bush and the Forces of Inadequacy and we only have just over two months to fight the good fight.

This is a war with a volunteer army and there’s always need to muster up more strength. Also, thanks to the Campaign Finance Laws which tie our hands and wallets so, there’s only one week left to donate to the Bush Campaign.

Part of the effort to increase support among the loyal is to participate with the Wictory Wednesday movement. Every week participating bloggers post a Wictory Wednesday blog entry, complete with the Roll below including all the members. Each week the entry shows our support, shows our spirit, and more importantly encourages whatever readers we have to contribute financially and more importantly your time to the campaign.

Remember, Senator Kerry has no plan to defend our nation but the President regularly takes a stand in continued shows of strength.

I hope to see your show of support among these: