I’ve altered the template.

I’ve played with the order of links and donation links as well as blog applet icons. I’ve also updated the Blog Roll, adding Chris Hunter’s new blog, and Steve Duane’s as well. I’ve added the already-popular Dean Esmay in a cheap attempt to get him to link to me and regardless it’s a worthy addition to any links roll.

I’ve deleted The State News Blues because Steve Duane has abandoned it and the latest incarnation didn’t link to me anyway. I’ve removed The American Thinker and Mark Steyn Online because they weren’t blogs. That means I’ll have to link to them under another avenue. I’ve also removed vowe.com because I don’t care.

I’ve fixed links and break tags and created a new small list going through and emphasizing my own stuff. I’m really tired now and this seems to be a waste of my time.

Oh well. In the future I hope to add in some other technical links as well post ACTUAL articles and entries regarding stuff like John Kerry being guily of dereliction of duty. That’s right; he’s been AWOL for practically months.

I also have some second-hand opinions of that rapist that was recently released.