LIE: Hobby Lobby is not covering contraception in its health care plan.
TRUTH: Hobby Lobby always has and always will cover 16 of the 20 mandated contraceptives, objecting to only 4.
LIE: Hobby Lobby is cutting off women’s “access” to these 4?
TRUTH: Hobby Lobby’s plan covers the woman’s doctor visit, where she can get a prescription and fill it any time she desires. In fact, Plan B is available without a prescription. The cost for the non-covered contraceptives is $30-$60. That’s pretty accessible.
 according to another post I saw, Hobby Lobby pays its employees around $14 an hour.. where the standard pay for that type of store is around $9 an hour.

— Jeff Germann

  • “Hobby Lobby employees, by law, are required to only work for Hobby Lobby and if they quit and get a better job with benefits they like, they will be executed.”
  • “You mean they have the freedom to work for whoever they want (if they will hire them that is.) and just like Hobby Lobby has freedom?”