Over and over on the internet I see people posting links to something, or commenting after another comment in the comments section and rather than construct a sentence, they type the psuedo-sentence “This.”

(Here is an example).

That is not an argument.  It is barely a rough substitution for an argument.  It is supposed to be an endorsement of another’s argument but really it is just a proclamation that making one’s own argument or even properly introducing and summarizing another’s argument, with an excerpt, is just too much damn work.  Often it is simply a shorter method of typing “I agree with your point.”

The people type only this should be backhanded repeatedly across the cheekbones until he or she falls to his or her knees, weeping repeatedly and openly the question “why!?”

Naturally I am being rhetorical and not literal regarding the consequences of this crime against eloquence and communication.  I don’t endorse vigilante-style violence or physical abuse against people as a consequence for being lazy.  It simply is a pet peeve.