I don’t recall where I got this information but it has the ring of truth.

the facts, as records bear them out. Bundy has provided three different
years that his grandfather settled the land…1870, 1877, and
1887…all of which come after the date of Nevada’s first range leasing
laws went into effect, in 1862. The elder Bundy signed a “100 year
lease, in perpetuity.” Which means that the succeeding generations can
be added to the lease. That lease would have expired in or around 1972,
give or take a few years, but that’s when Bundy’s father signed a new
lease…before ceding it to Cliven in about 1976. Because of the law,
Bundy had to sign a new lease, which would have taken him through to
2076, unless he broke the lease, or if the land needed to be rested or
reclaimed. Now, he quit paying in 1993, because the federal government
was given management of the land, and he refused to recognize the
federal government. In 1998, the BLM took over management of the land
from US Forestry, and designated 196,000 acres of the land that Bundy
had been leasing as habitat for endangered species, not only the golden
desert tortoise, but several plants, as well. Since Bundy had already
voided the lease, due to non-payment, BLM ordered him to vacate the

cattle: Bundy stated several different number of head of cattle he
owned…frankly, he doesn’t know how many he has. He told BLM in 1998,
that he had 196 head…but there’s actually more than 900 of them. He
doesn’t take care of them, partly because the cattle portion of the farm
is minor to the family. They grow melons, and other produce. The BLM
has reports of many instances of feral cattle, trampling endangered
species, and wandering into traffic, or onto private property and doing
damage. Bundy has consistently refuse to answer court summons to pay for
the damages his cattle are doing.

assumes that he owes only about 20,000 in back fees. However, because
of various court orders, fines, and penalties, he actually does owe over
$1million. Partly back leasing fees, partly fines for negligence, and
partly fines from the feds. This is the crux of the matter. Everything
else is distraction and avoidance.

is not about the tortoises, or the cows…it’s about a family of
anarchists, who refuse to follow laws. They have repeatedly threatened
law enforcement, the BLM, Forestry agents, land agents, and deputies.
They refuse to acknowledge the US government. Kind of like Charles
Manson, Tim McVey, Jim Jones or even David Koresh. It’s not one man
against the feds, there’s a huge family on that ranch, armed to the
teeth, threatening range war. The DOJ called off an attempt in 2012 to
remove the cattle, because of repeated threats of violence. We don’t
know why this time the feds are seeing it through, but it’s very
volatile there. Bundy is the one who called in the various militias, and
crack head journos are just aiding and abetting him. Keep in mind, on
that compound are Bundy, and at least one wife, 14 children, with their
spouses, aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandchildren. All told, close to
one hundred people, who hate the government.