Two things first (1) Sandra Fluke never filed to run for Congress, so she never paid a $1740 filing fee.  (2) Sandra Fluke’s Congressional campaign died before it was ever born.

Now to sketch out the career, roughly, of Sandra Fluke, and what this means.

I’ve never talked about Sandra Fluke here because aside from the media kerfuffle about Rush Limbaugh not necessarily know what is funny and the effects that can have she has never risen to importance.  Here is what I wrote somewhere else:

Rush Limbaugh
called her a slut, thinking it would be funny and he misread his entire
audience. Which is fine. His premise that was she was having a lot of
sex and wanted her Christian university to pay for the enabling.

He jokingly referred to her as a “slut”, implying that she wanted taxpayers to provide her aides for sex, and that her massive amount of sex fueled the need for such massive amounts of contraceptives she needed aide.

The joke was not funny and it elevated the profile of Sandra Fluke to such that she actually became a mild celebrity, bringing attention to her cause; Rush Limbaugh looked like a bully.  Sandra became of a public champion of leftwing sexual politics and political icon, as well as a victim of the so-called “Republican war on women”, which saw an actual battle on tape!

Fluke stirred controversy by fighting to force Georgetown Law School
to offer free contraception as part of its insurance coverage for
students and faculty, despite the institution’s Catholic principles. She
was scheduled to be a witness called by Democrats at a congressional
hearing in 2012, but was blocked by Republicans. When conservative talk
show host Rush Limbaugh called her a “slut”–a remark for which he later
apologized–a star was born.

Immediately, Fluke became a national symbol of the Republicans’
so-called “war on women,” and campaigned for President Barack Obama.
When pressed, however, she admitted knowing little about the actual low
cost of birth control, and eventually enthusiasm faded to the point
where she had trouble drawing crowds for rallies. 

Her testimony put her on Mr Limbaugh’s radar.  His radio show put her on the national scene but without his help she lacked the innate knowledge to main the public profile.

But recently, as noted,

The birth control advocate who shook up the 2012 presidential
campaign does not live in the 33rd district, but is eligible to run for
the seat. She will be facing off against local Democratic stalwart Wendy
Greuel, who narrowly missed winning the Los Angeles mayor’s race last
year, among others.

According to Aaron Blake of the Washington Post, Fluke has
not yet filed papers with the Federal Election Commission or made a
public announcement, but has filed with the state Democratic Party to
seek its endorsement for the seat.

It is always telling when politicians run in Districts they don’t live in.  It turns out, however, that Sandra Fluke will not run for Congress after all.  As I found in the LA Times:

I am extremely moved by the outpouring of local and national support I
have received since I announced that I was considering running for
office. My entire career has been devoted to the public interest,
whether representing victims of human trafficking or advocating for
working families,” Fluke said late Tuesday night. “I am committed to
continuing that fight in Sacramento, working to protect our environment,
ensure our access to health care, and create the jobs that are
desperately needed. While I strongly considered offering my candidacy
for Congress, I feel there is a better way for me to advance the causes that are important to our community.”

The Daily Caller reveals that she is running for another office, referring to this act as Plan B, in reference to the contraceptive.

the Democratic attorney who made a name for herself
advocating for federal contraception coverage will be running for
California State Senate.

“It is official! Thanks so much to everyone who encouraged me to
#runsandrarun, your support means the world to me. Today I have
announced that I am running for California State Senate,” Fluke wrote on
Facebook Wednesday morning. “I hope you will continue to stand with me and fight!”

This is actually a good idea, as she has exhausted a good deal of her Rush-grown martyrdom and an organic growth from a state legislature is better for a career politician.