I think this description applies to veritably all New York-based sitcoms.

If you don’t watch How I Met Your Mother here’s a quick debriefing. HIMYM is a wish fulfillment sitcom for young professionals and for all those broke people in their late 20s and 30s who live in basement apartments or with their parents or with a roommate who keeps his door open when he’s entertaining ladies or have to spend two hours on the phone every month with a Student Loan Centre like I do finding out what amounts I owe and what accounts I owe them to and is it possible that I can have some loan forgiveness (though this has now become a running joke for me because there is no loan forgiveness or if there is I haven’t figured out the secret code to unlock the spell).
            And this is why, as a show, HIMYM is so hate-watchable. The show is a bunch of people my age, living in New York, the expensive New York, characters with their great jobs, that are friends with one of the worst 1%’s around (Barney – who, played by Neil Patrick Harris, performs so well that Barney’s too damn likeable to hate, which, of course, makes him even worse), who all seem to be having fun hanging out in a bar paying New York prices on beer and New York prices on food. And meanwhile most of us are working crappy jobs, and too many of us are looking for jobs, and politics in North America has gone zealot… I mean aren’t there enough problems in the world — why do I have to let my eyes and ears get walloped by a group of five people who are enjoying themselves so damn much?