Simple decision for MSU: Make Coach Pat Narduuzzi the highest paid DC in the game. END OF DISCUSSION. ‪#‎PayNarduzzi‬ Time for MSU to quit paying proven coaches terrible. Dantonio 9th highest paid in B1G. I know 1 recruit that an SEC Coach showed him what Dantonio was making in USA story. “Does that look like a school committed to winning? Coach Dantonio is a good man, I am asking you about the school?” MSU has lost so many great coaches because they won’t pay over the years. MSU basketball is great every year because they pay Izzo among top 5. More than many NBA teams will pay. His once top assistant Jim Boylen was the highest paid assistant in the nation. MSU has sustained success because the pay the basketball program. They should. Football makes tens of millions more.

— Hondo Carpenter, host of Spartan Nation TV