The delightful lead singer of GWAR, Oderus Urungus, appeared for the first time on Red Eye w Greg Gutfeld on July 8, 2009.

Over time we’ll, okay I’ll, post a new appearance of Oderus Urungus on Red Eye every week until there are no more to post. His final appearance was on September 30, 2010 so there is a finite number. Likely he would have kept returning until David Brockie’s unfortunate passing had not some oversensitive dweebs had not honored their oversensitive dweeb nature.

GWAR wallpaperBandI’m writing this entry months in advance and hopefully by that my point my series on metal, music, and GWAR will each be in full swing and this will slide seamlessly into that… so much so you won’t even notice that I wrote this, assembled it, prepared it months in advance and just scheduled it to drop when it drops.

Hopefully there will be such a wicked awesome audience I won’t even need to promote it all by myself.