For Immediate Release: December 11, 2015
Jim Gilmore files petition signatures to be placed on Virginia ballot
Alexandria, VA — Former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore Thursday filed the necessary petition signatures to have his named placed on the ballot in Virginia’s March 1st Republican presidential primary. “This is another step in our strategy of gaining ballot access in the early primary states,” said Gilmore.
Virginia is one of toughest states in the nation when it comes to qualifying for a presidential primary ballot. The state requires 5,000 signatures with at least 200 from each of Virginia’s 11 congressional districts. In 2012, only two Republican presidential candidates met Virginia’s ballot requirements.
Gilmore’s campaign filed 6,100 signatures Thursday. The Republican Party of Virginia is expected to certify 13 candidates who qualified for the Virginia Republican presidential ballot by next Tuesday.
“Getting on the Virginia ballot is a challenge for a campaign’s grassroots operation,” said Gilmore. “I am grateful to the hundreds of Virginia Republicans who helped us qualify for the ballot and the thousands of people who signed our petitions.” He added, “Grassroots Republicans and many others rallied to the petition drive, because they support the progress that was made during my Governorship in cutting the car tax, cutting tuition 20%, adding teachers and standing up for veterans and active duty military.”
Gilmore said ballot qualification requirements vary widely across the country. In New Hampshire, where he has been campaigning for a year, the Gilmore campaign had to pay a $1,000 filing fee. In South Carolina, the fee paid by qualifying candidates, including Gilmore, was $40,000.

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