Justice Antonin Scalia, appointed to the Supreme Court of the United States by Portrait of Antonin Scalia, Associate Justice, U.S. Supreme CourtPresident Ronald Reagan in 1986, was found dead today while on a hunting trip.  He apparently died in his sleep.  A man often hated and disrespected by many of his ideological opposition, Justice Scalia was not only an outspoken conservative but a brilliant legal mind. He is especially notable in two ways. He is remarkable as the longest serving member of the SCOTUS.  Justice Scalia is also exceptional in that he was a judicial appointee of a conservative and Republican President that has a proven a solid and prudent conservative throughout his tenure at his post.

Justice Scalia was truly a consequential figure in American history. He shall be missed.

Mind you this is not the most element. It’s easy for me and others to forget.

Condolences to his family.  May he rest in peace and glory.



Naturally I wish that I had met Associate Justice Scalia and even sat with him.  He was, after all, a brilliant legal philosophical mind.  One friend of mine met him.  Another had a case overruled by Justice Scalia. That’a just awesome.

The partisan/political ramifications will be discussed next.  I didn’t have the heart to include them in what should be a solemn and sober, however brief, appreciation of the man. I’m afraid I have too few words worthy to describe him. His career and his impact is glorious.

I suppose this is retroactively part of my series on the Supreme Court.