Chris Christie hugs Obama - click to embiggenEverybody is surprised that Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey endorsed Donald Trump for President of the United States, except me.  I never expected it either but I am not surprised.

Governor Christie is known among many circles as a “liberal Republican” and that’s not quite true.  He’s known as a fat man and that is true.  I withhold from telling fat jokes about Chris Christie not only because it’s boring but because it’s hypocritical.  It is also surreal to mull over that if I ever do anything wrong or questionable the likes of Sarah Palin will be unable to offer a real critique of my actions or judgement but will just say I’m fat. I’m drifting immediately from the elephant in the room to this side topic for a reason: there is a lot to say and judge of the New Jersey governor and the inability to address those actual issues in lieu of the man’s weight indicates I should never take those people seriously.  Those people taint us.  Their presence taints us. They should stripped of the credentials of the thinking people and sealed into the vaults with the rest of the idiots to be long since forgotten in the cold and the dark.  There are plenty of valid reasons to poke at Chris Christie.

The fact is that Chris Christie is as conservative a politician and as good a Republican as New Jersey has ever gotten and will ever get. Anyone that forgets that should be dismissed.  Anyone that believes New Jersey will get a more conservative Governor should be dismissed. Anyone that believes Governor Christie is a squish doesn’t understand New Jersey. Anyone that attempts to project their own values onto New Jersey should be dismissed. It’s New Jersey. New Jersey is a hive of scum and villainy. Why would a sane person project their values into a place such as that?

Yet as a compost state rather than a Garden State it’s no surprise that a far-right conservative there is a moderate Republican somewhere else.  Chris Christie is the person that teaches that “squish” isn’t a far assessment of a non-conservative Republican.  Governor Christie sticks by his guns on most issues, even if his positions on those issues are to the left of most Republicans.  That fact is why people speculated that he was one of the most electable Republicans in a Presidential general elections.

That’s done now.  Now in this post-ideological Republican shift he’s endorsed a candidate that is further left than he is.  Chris Christie endorsed Trump despite months and months of saying that only the executive experience of having governed a state prepares one for the Presidency.  Christie’s “I am a Governor and Governors are best” trope is so repetitive that it’s almost robotic, ironically what many accused Marco Rubio of being when he repeated something.

So why did Christie break from his own standards to which he compared himself when he endorsed a candidate?  I have only two ideas.  The first and less likely possibility is that since Donald Trump performed a lot of his business in Atlantic City there was a relationship and geographic ties.  The likelier possibility is that Governor Christie assumes the Donald will win in November and the Governor will get a cabinet position: AG or Homeland Security.

We’ll see.