I never saw Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick’s The Producers but then I never saw the version with Mel Brooks and Gene Wilder either. I get the plot though. The same actors essentially replicate the plot with this parody by Jimmy Kimmel, although replace “film producers” with “political consultants”.  Frankly as a former political consultant I’m sorta touched. In the head.

There’s no need to resent the implication; bad people are bad people.  If you hadn’t seen the old story, the idea is that since they make less money with success than failure, then failing intentionally will make the money.  Mind you I don’t know why you read that when the video is right here.  To the left.  You’re watching it now, right?

I laughed.  The implication is obvious. Surely this was just a joke, a fake campaign, that grabbed hold in the American consciousness and now we’re all trapped? I’ve considered that idea months ago. What if this whole thing was just a magnificent project by Donald Trump and Roger Stone designed to troll the country and the campaign actually succeeded against original intentions and original expectations? After that unexpected result what if Trump just kept on going?  In many respects what Trump has done is very much like classic politics, traditional strategies and tactics.  In other respects, the speeches for example, he has deviated into what seems more like performance art.  That art has a very elegant and hypnotic quality. The truth isn’t necessary in that performance nor is consistency.  He says certain words a certain way and people will go along.  He’s the Purple Man.



Tomorrow is Super Tuesday.  Joy.  No matter what anyone says (is anyone even reading this?) a voter for whomever you vote for is not a vote for someone else