Robert Reich is a left-wing economist, pundit, actor, and was President Clinton’s Labor Secretary. Normally whatever he says should only be barely considered and then dismissed to make way for a more intelligent idea but that does not mean he does not have intelligent ideas now and again.

this morning on CNN and ABC, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz blamed fellow
Republicans for dooming the Tea Party’s effort to defund the Affordable
Care Act. “I think it was unfortunate that you saw multiple members of
the Senate Republicans going on television attacking House
conservatives, attacking the effort to defund Obamacare, saying it
cannot win, it’s a fool’s errand, we will lose, this must fail,” Cruz
said. “That is a recipe for losing the fight, and it’s a shame.”

The fact that Cruz — a freshman senator with no legislative or other
accomplishments — was featured on CNN and ABC this morning is itself
evidence that he got what he wanted from the weeks of government
shutdown and potential default. He’s become the head of the Tea Party
faction of the Republican Party. Which means that unless the rest of the
GOP rallies against and subdues that faction, Cruz could easily be the
Republican’s presidential nominee in 2016. Some think this would be
enormously helpful to HRC or whomever the Democrats nominate. Perhaps.
But even a relatively low probability of a President Cruz is

What stands out best from that is the fact that Senator Cruz has no legislative accomplishments yet he is now seen by many, thanks in part to right-wing echo chamber media, as a spokesman or leader for my ideological bent, my cause, because he repeatedly says the correct buzz words and he uses these buzz words correctly.

I absolutely abhor Cult of Personality and certainly find it to be the most unconservative behavior among the so-called “Conservatives” running around Republican meetings and Tea Party events.  At present I am in the minority on this but the present is not forever.

Now whether or not he is really the head of a “Tea Party faction of the Republican Party” remains to be seen.  There is certainly is too much time ahead to judge whether he can organize and maneuver all of the states, Primaries, and votes together to be the Republican presidential nominee in 2016, so certainly saying right now that he would be that easily is jumping the gun more than a little.

That said, for all we lambast President Obama for his lack of experience, the big difference between Barack Hussein Obama and Rafael Theodore Cruz is that Senator Cruz was the better lawyer.  His only executive experience is Attorney General of Texas.  While he certainly seems to believe the correct things and would almost certainly be a better President than our current sitting incumbent (which is a wholly unfair comparison as a blind house cat would make a better President than Barack Obama) he lacks the life experience to govern properly or safely.

Our next President should come from the states, not from the Washington, DC brigade of legislators.