Kathy Berden banner thing

While we have one Republican Party there are as many different ideas of what the Republican Party means or should be as there are active factions within the Party. Some Republicans seeks to elevate themselves within the Party solely for their own benefit or worse, to provide favor only to those Republicans they believe fit their own respective vision. An officer of our entire Party is supposed to represent the entire Party and all within it, and serve our combined cause.

Kathy Berden doesn’t indulge in other people’s distinctions and rivalries. She sees everyone as important and equally valid and works with everyone, deliberately. She believes in our Republican cause and helps others work for our shared cause too.

As the state chairman of the Michigan Young Republicans and just someone active in the Party for over a decade I’ve seen people work to divide the Party while claiming to lead, but Mrs Berden is very much the opposite. Kathy Berden works to unite the Party, grow the cause, and elect Republicans. To that end I endorse her to continue serving her role as National Committee Woman for the Michigan Republican Party.