Previously in my series on ventriloquist Jeff Dunham I embedded two different videos covering the comedian’s obsession with building and flying homemade helicopters. Since then I found a series of articles that Mr Dunham wrote for KITPLANES magazine back in 1997. I’m not sure if feels like a long time ago because it was the nineties or because I about 15 when the article was written and published. Mind you, fifteen years old is half my life time ago so I suppose this article is just very old. My digression of receding youth aside the magazine’s website reprinted the article series in full, sans pictures. The first part of the series starts autobiographically as the author relates how he entered the hobby and then tracks a brief history of the company that creates the RotorWay 162F.  For the following months he accounts the experience of building one of their experimental aircraft, from unpacking the kit itself, to individual difficulties in moving a completed vehicle out of his garage.  He also expounds one of the great benefits of the overall cost: the company includes a complete boot camp experience training one to maintain and safely fly these products!  All in all it is quite fascinating and the actual practical experience, as well as the enthusiasm, is quite evident.

Building a RotorWay 162F