Bikini-Treat-Ivanka-Trump-4Donald Trump’s son, whose name escapes me, said something incredibly nice about his sister Ivanka, for whom he did so I assume because they’re siblings.  What he said is completely irrelevant, especially in the wake of the horrible and important news that weights everyday.  He said what he said for two reasons: because he loves his sister and wants to be nice to her; because when the media picks up on this silly nonsense it’s publicity for the Trump Organization, which is good publicity as long as no old women are being robbed or babies killed.

Make no mistake that what the Trump siblings do in terms of public relations and appearances is as much, possibly more so, for the benefit of the Trump Organization, their business, than it is the Donald Trump Presidential campaign.

Based on limited television viewing and second-hand knowledge from television viewers Ivanka Trump is an accomplished, intelligent, kind, effective woman in her own right.  That’s probably not the general focus for my use mind you.

Now as intended the words used by the Trump offspring made it to the press and I got it from Wendy Day, former Michigan statewide Cruz director, who read the Politico article after former MIGOP Chairman Saul Anuzis picked it up with hisBikini-Treat-Ivanka-Trump-2 newsstand.  The important thing for all of us to remember constantly, regardless of what Trumps or the press tell us: this is not news.  I can blame very lightly the media, over-praised gossip columnists, for insisting that this noise constitutes information their reading public wants to know or needs to know.  Politico, et al, require content to pair with revenue-increasing advertisements and so they’ll take every bit of data and public event possible and distill it into a product for public consumption, regardless of whether or not that’s necessary or even beneficial.  An excess of useless information is harmful.  The distraction is immense and the presence is overwhelming.  How can you ever know to read my blog if you have to sift through all that nonsense and infoporn?

I don’t blame Saul for grabbing content either.  Just as in the same way I’m using that content to make a point.  The important thing to remember while I am making the point is that I have some amount of affection and/or respect for most of the people I criticize for making a very human mistake.  They react to the content and are manipulated by it. They emote and they create or are imprinted by the notion that something they read or heard merits not only a response but dissemination paired with that response.  I’m not above that myself, but I operate under the constant delusion that my insights may be fairly unique or humorous, if not cringeworthy, so I write under a self-imposed double standard.  Here’s the response:

Stop watching House of Cards.

Here’s the thing: it comes off as a whine, of sorts.  At the very least the response, however short, is massively disproportionate to the story.  The story is that her brother publicly opined that Ivanka Trump should be Vice-President of the United States.  Since it won’t happen, since she is too young now, since she would be barely old enough come November, since she won’t be nominated, it’s really just attention bait.  It worked.  People got yanked by the media.  That’s typical humanity.   I noted in her comments section (comments sections are where people’s minds die so I run a great risk when I do that) that Ivanka is what she is: an intelligent, “thoughtful human being… and not his wife”, which is a relevant to the correction to the intended parallel.  Kevin Spacey’s Frank Underwood took on his spouse as his running mate in his television series, not just any blood relative, daughter, whatever.  I’m pedantic for a purpose.  I suppose the former Cruz director doesn’t like that.

um.. okay. Well then I guess it is okay?

For people to say nice things about their sister?  I hope so.  Her followers are acting like what was said is something Ivanka Trump bikinithat should never be said, which I would find to be a terrifying country to live in.  Her followers act like this attention bait is a serious policy path, a campaign direction. It’s a response that stinks of fear.  They’re not the only ones. I’ve seen this among people in my Facebook feed and likely there are many people that stink of this fear.

People have said the content of the statement matters, that it implies Donald Trump will assign his assorted multiple offspring various roles of power and responsibility in this country that are ill-fitting of their respective expertise.  This ties back into their irrational fear of Donald Trump being the President of the United States.  In all respects the amount of concern that people assign the Presidential election is definitely inappropriate.

The statement does not matter, that the statement was made does not matter and the content of the statement does

Bikini-Treat-Ivanka-Trumpnot matter.  That Donald Trump may be the President of the United States does not matter nor does the likelihood that Hilldog will be President of the United States.  In the real world the President does fulfill a role and we should fulfill our roles to select the best President we possibly can, while not investing too much of our time and energy into that task.  As much as the President does, his responsibilities and his power do not place him in a position to affect our lives and property so much as many other elected officials.  People constantly act like the Presidential election is the most important election, that it’s the most important office.  People make this mistake every four years.  People make this mistake when they consider whether to vote in the mid-term elections.  People make this mistake when they fail to consider down-ballot elections.  People make this mistake all the time. It’s a common mistake. I wish they wouldn’t make this mistake.  The election that matters the least is the election that people care about the most.  The elections that matter the most are the ones that people care about the least.  The elected officials that affect the people most thoroughly and directly are the local ones.  The politicians and elected officials that are the most easy to be held accountable are also the ones who make policy that most directly, immediately and quickly affects citizens. Bikini-Treat-Ivanka-Trump-3 Yet these are the politicians most often ignored by their constituents instead of being held to account publicly.

It’s an interesting trick. It’s very much a devil’s trick.  We’re distracted by the shiny and the sexy when the meat of our problems and the most easily fixable mechanics of public policy are right in front of us.  To the largest extent we appoint a figurehead in our own minds.  Part of that, I suppose, is electing one person we believe will solve the problems and make the trains run on time allows us some peace of mind.  We gain the freedom to think of what we want to think under this delusion. This delusion allows to us sleep at night instead of honoring our responsibilities as citizens and keep the numerous local officials in check, to inspect their work and their intentions.

In days of yore when criminals were busting skulls and crippling people to get people to vote and to vote the right way, they didn’t care who was President. They were invested in who was Sheriff, county clerk, on the city council, township trustee, et al.  Those people held sway in things that matter to everyday people.  Certainly we want a competent President just as we need a competent state representative but as responsible citizens we should focus less on who is our next President and more on who serves on the county boards and state government.  A good conservative certainly will attempt to persuade his fellow voters to think this way and to act accordingly.  A “conservative”, on other hand, casts greater focus on the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives and which egomaniac sits in the Oval Office. That’s what ideologues do.  They’re concerned with dogma more than the real world.

But the President is the election at the top of the ballot.  That race is on political radio a lot.  It is deemed newsworthy by the mainstream press and the internet-based political media.  That is an indulgence at best and deception at worst. The only reason the top matters is because it influences turnout for the bottom. That’s the only reason. At all. The only reason that’s true is because Americans have trained themselves to be stupid, complacent lemmings yanked around by our own media.  Just as the media yanked us to believe it matters who said Ivanka Trump would be a good Vice President.

ivanka-trump-mint swimsuit baby bump
For  what it’s worth I’d select Ivanka Trump to be my Vice-President.


One of these days I will learn to write these much faster, and to do so without self-referential and self-deprecating sentences in the middle.  I suppose I could comfort myself by saying Jonah Goldberg does it and he’s amazing but that’s an excuse because Jonah Goldberg earned the right by being amazing.

I mean I’m awesome by nature but no one will ever notice unless I start promoting this stuff more.  To that end I ask that you read this, send it to your friends, and ask them to send it to their friends after reading it.  Am I asking for your attention?  Of course I am.  Am I whoring for attention?  Quite possibly.  Do I deserve your attention?  If I say so.

Do I think I deserve a large check for doing stuff like this every day?  You bet.  Also pay me a speaking fee and expenses and I’ll go to your frikkin school and tell you “Students for Trump” is more of a waste of time than supporting your county commissioner candidate.

It’s likely that someone will be offended by the multiple images of an attractive young woman in bathing suit.  That attractive young woman is, of course, the apparent subject of our discussion, the object of the exclamation within the fake news, and very much a method to get more people to read this.  Images draw attention.

Look at me look at me.